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Library Experience: Interacting with Patrons and Staff

Staff Picks
  • Create and implement Staff Picks: a "Recommended Book List" display where the staff shares book recommendations with patrons. (Promotes children, young adult, and adult collections)
Reading Aloud Programs
  • Organize the programs while interacting with parents and children.
  • Document all of the programs—taking pictures for display of the program each week.
Summer Reading Parties
  • Coordinate the celebration to mark the end of the annual summer reading program with prizes and certificates for children.
Young Adult Programs
  • Assist in Preteen and Teen programs.
  • Create Flyers and Handouts for Teen/Child Patrons.
Maintain Collections
  • Analyze circulation statistics to determine whether a book should be eliminated (includes the children’s collection, young adult collection, paperbacks, fiction, non-fiction, travel books.)
  • Liaised with Cataloging Department to add new titles, evaluate books for weeding, and revise and maintain the records.
Floor Plans, Signage, and Display
  • Contribute to a layout plan for moving and placing collections based on traffic patterns.
  • Contribute to a signage plan and create engaging displays to identify collections.
Supervising Staff
  • Supervise student employees and volunteers to ensure their work is complete and correct.
Computer Proficiency
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and knowledge of Dreamweaver and HTML.
  • Proficient with both PC and Mac computers.
  • Assist library staff and patrons needing help with computer research and technical problems.